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Since 2002, The Fresh Start Legal Network has successfully implemented the proper "strategic plan" for thousands of clients. We understand that all of our clients' financial problems are unique in nature.

We will do everything possible to remedy your problem. We will also refer to a local attorney if your case calls for that action.

Making the wrong decision during tough financial times will cause deeper problems to grow in the long run, sometimes making it impossible to recover financially. Let us point you in the right direction.

You deserve an expert in your corner!

Chances are that if you are visiting this site, you are facing seriously hard financial times—that is the bad news.

The good news is that there is a way out of this colossal mess: with a properly executed strategic plan.

The "strategic plan" is so important, that we cannot emphasize it enough. Our firm is committed to matching you up with the right plan and getting the proper legal representation.

This recent economic disaster (The Great Recession) has left huge financial scars in every community across the United States. Suffering from severe financial hardship can cause significant stress and emotional trauma. Your problems can seem so complex and overwhelming, that you don't know where to turn.

The Fresh Start Legal Network can remedy these stressful times and set you on the path towards financial recovery. Our firm will step up and step in to make sure your particular financial issue is resolved.

We have extensive experience counseling clients with complex debt and financial problems. In short, we are masters at putting together the "strategic plan."

Foreclosure prevention has been a primary concern for many of our clients. The recent foreclosure crisis has left over 13 million families severely delinquent on their mortgage loans. In our experience, individuals that try to negotiate directly with their mortgage company or bank will usually fail. Mortgage companies and banks are used to talking to individuals that know very little about mortgage loans, foreclosure law, credit law and debt settlement. They will often take advantage of people for those very reasons.

In addition to negatively impacting the negotiation, individuals often struggle unsuccessfully to contact a helpful party at their mortgage company or bank. We challenge the banks through mathematical audits, federal government complaints, qualified written requests and escrow disputes.

We utilize methods that make it impossible for the banks to collect another dime from you, per the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act. Eventually, the banks need to offer a loan workout to remedy the problem at hand.